Mental Health Workshops

We offer bespoke workshops that can be held in your business, club or private venue. They can be run from an hour, half a day or a full day.  These are brought to you by our Psychotherapist Donna Jones who has vast experience in presenting workshops on a large variety of subjects. Below is a selection of some the workshops that can be booked

On this course we cover strategies to become better listerners. We can improve our ability to negotiate and avoid conflict and misunderstndings. We often listen to reply not understand. This course gives you the tools to hear beyond the words 

We will cover :-

Styles of communication 

Active listerning skills

Listening more mindfully

Body language

Non-verbal communication



Communication and Listening skills


On this course we will talk through :-

Definitions of Mental Health 

Why we can experience poor mental health 

How work can play an role in good/bad mental health

Different types of mental health issues

How we can be effected mentally, physically and emotionally 

How the brain reacts to mental health issues 

Supporting someone with Mental health issues 

Listening skills 

How to gauge daily how your mental health is using a very easy scale 

Relaxation techniques to boost your mental health



Mental Health Awareness


On this course we cover :- 

What is stress 

Symptoms of stress on the body physically 

Feeling and behaviour changes 

Different types of stress and how we deal with the challenges it can bring

Mental Health issues associated with stress 

Identify and overcome negative thinking 

Relaxation and calming techniques to help feel back in control of stressful situations 


Stress Awareness 

On this Course we look at :- 


How the brain interacts with negative thoughts 

When negative thinking can originate from 

How unhelpful thought can effect our mood

What is cognitive behaviour therapy and how it can help combat negative thoughts 

Physical symptoms of unhelpful thoughts 

Mental Health issues associated with Negative thinking 

Different styles of thought patterns

Fact/Opinion - how this can be distorted 

Core belief patterns 

Relaxation techniques to help calm the body and brain


Negative thinking and how to break the cycle

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