Mental Health First Aid

Employers have recognised the significant role they can play in looking after their employees mental health.  


At The Positive Mindset Company our Psychotherapist Donna Jones runs workshops to help employees recognise the signs that a colleague or themselves might be experiencing a Mental Health issue. 

Companies and schools are seeing the massive difference having a trained mental health first aider on the premises can make. We can often make sure we have a member trained as a medical first aider but do not always realise the importance of having some one on site who is trained to listen, help and support an employee who is struggling mentally



If a mental health issue can be detected early on then there is less chance of the employee being off work. Sometimes it is our colleagues who notice first that we are acting differently. 

Donna can train one or several members of staff at a time depending on your needs. This is usually run as a day course in your workplace 

On the course we cover :- 

  • Definition of what Mental Health is 

  • Why we can experience poor mental health

  • How work can play a role in good/bad mental health 

  • Different types of mental health issues 

  • How we can be effected mentally, physically and emotionally 

  • How the brain reacts to mental health issues

  • Supporting someone with Mental Health issues

  • Listening skills and body language 

  • Relaxation techniques including mindfulness to boost your Mental Health 

A Mental Health First Aid pack is left with each delegate for future use 

Please contact us for more information 

07898 673686

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