Mental Health Consultancy

Our Psychotherapist Donna Jones is experienced in working with Human Resource departments, pastoral care departments in Schools and Occupational Health Companies. Donna can help and advise on a wide range of topics related to Mental Health issues. 

Please contact us so we can discuss which of our services would best fit your specific situation, meeting your needs and requirements. 

We can provide advice, guidance and assistance to help you support your employees\pupils\students with their mental health.  

Every year, thousands of employees require time off work for stress, anxiety or depression. Some never return. Time and money is lost

At The Positive Mindset Company we believe that every employer in any industry can help any employee. It’s the right thing for your performance and the right thing for your employee.

At some point in our lives, mental health will impact us all. Sometimes work can be the catalyst. CIPD (the professional body for HR and people development) say that work is a major factor in 60% of poor mental health.

Most managers want to help their employees but up to 80% have never had information or training on how to support people effectively.

Worryingly, mental health pays a role in 300,000 people leaving or losing their jobs every year in the UK. The human and business costs are enormous.

By investing in educating your employees about mental health issues you are keeping your valued staff well and happy. 

Donna can be hired on an hourly or daily rate to act on an consultancy basis for your business 

07898 673686

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